NEW YORK (AP) — A woman testified Tuesday that Donald Trump molested her with what seemed like “40 zillion hands” on an airline flight in the late 1970s — years before writer E. Jean Carroll says the former president sexually assaulted her at a Manhattan department store.

Meanwhile, Trump’s lawyer said the former president has decided against testifying, answering the biggest outstanding question about the closely watched case. 

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Jimzan 3

" A woman", E. Jean Carroll, Jessica Leeds...all Liars IMHO. But we do know for sure Joe Biden Raped Tara Reade....or that Bill Clinton did have sex with Monica Lewinsky (and countless others... still to this day IMHO) after Clinton looked America in the eyes (on camera) and stated ""I did not have sexual relations with that woman"" until Monica broke out the "Blue Dress" (Keepsake). It's all about Power your life better now ? or was it better 4 years ago (before Covid) ? Americans have become docile sheep, willing to turn a blind eye...while their hard earned tax money is squandered by scum (both sides (R)&(D) that has figured out you can buy votes with the taxpayers money and it will not cost "you" (the POS politician) a dime (think Reparations) fact throw in a little corruption...and you end up with $300 million dollars as your net Worth...Just ask Pelosi the Drunk (IMHO). Here comes fact Powell is going to raise rates today.... I bet you. You do not have 14 years of Pixie Dust interest rates, and then believe you can make up for that mistake (QE should have ended 2 years after being initiated) with just a Few Months of Suffering (Carl Icahn kinda said this) lol No !! In fact this may be the Biggest Depression the Entire Planet has ever witnessed....Cheer Up !! will probably look good from behind a fence ;)

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