BALTIMORE (AP) — The Biden administration is relying on infrastructure dollars to help fix the clogged ports and blanket the nation with internet access — but a series of initiatives rolled out on Tuesday show that the urgent pace might not be fast enough to address the immediate needs of an economy coping with a supply chain squeeze and a shift to remote work.

President Joe Biden spoke with the CEOS of Wal-Mart, Target, UPS and FedEx on Tuesday about how to relieve the supply chain challenges as ships are still waiting to dock at some of the country’s leading ports. The key problem is that these ports are experiencing record volumes of shipping containers as the economy has recovered from the pandemic.

Biden received updates from the CEOs on how deliveries are being sped up to ensure that store shelves will be well-stocked this holiday season, according to a White House official. Bloomberg News first reported Biden’s conversations with the corporate leaders.

Yet the concrete policy steps being discussed by the administration show that there is no quick fix to supply chain issues that are still hurting smaller businesses and causing consumers to face higher prices.

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Jimzan 2.0

Biden couldn't change is own diaper...much less make a decision about "anything" The moron is a lost soul...a weak coward...That falls asleep at critical lol Biden is pathetic..and Kacklin Kamattress is just as pathetic as Sleepy Joe Biden. The Jokes on U.S....hows that Dem leadership working out for going to get even worse...Clueless losers are at the helm of the HMS might want to put on your lifejacket ....ASAP.

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