Religious Freedom Bill West Virginia

In this image provided by the WV Legislative Photography, Catherine Jones watches people speak during public hearing in the House of Delegates Chamber for a bill that would codify the right of West Virginia residents to challenge government regulations that interfere with their religious beliefs, Friday, Feb. 24, 2023, at the West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston, W.Va. Jones, a gay woman who spoke against the bill, said it is going to do nothing but "legalize discrimination against already marginalized communities." (Perry Bennett/WV Legislative Photography via AP)

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A West Virginia bill described by supporters as a tool to protect religious freedom and labeled a “license to discriminate” by LGBTQ rights advocates is headed to the desk of Republican Gov. Jim Justice.

The “Equal Protection for Religion Act,” wasn’t expected to receive a vote until later in the session, but the GOP-supermajority Senate suspended legislative rules in order to vote on the bill Tuesday, just a day after it had passed in the House of Delegates.

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Jimzan 3

Yes Democratic Sen. Mike Caputo we get it..You are a Twink, and want more variety on gay mating sites (IMHO)...even if it raises the suicide rate of America's Children...In Iran they throw gays off of buildings that are 47 feet high...that height never kills, but no one walks away...Why doesn't Caputo go over to Iran and protest...? The Suicide rate for the gender confused children is through the roof (google it) I am getting tired of Pedo's with an agenda (D) like Caputo (IMHO), getting away with the B.S. they are pulling. Of course the Scumbags (IMHO) at the AP could care less...until it's one of their children (maybe).

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