Former President Donald Trump dug in on his lies about the 2020 election during a CNN town hall Wednesday that marked his return to the network just a day after a civil jury found him liable for sexually assaulting a woman nearly three decades ago.

Trump, when pressed, repeatedly downplayed the violence on Jan. 6, 2021, the day his supporters stormed the US Capitol in a deadly insurrection, and continued to insist the election had been “rigged,” even though no evidence has ever emerged to support his claims. State and federal officials, his own staff and attorney general, and numerous courts found no evidence of mass fraud.

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Jimzan 3

First of all the Associated Press is nothing more than lying Trash (especially Jill Colvin) IMHO..Total Scumbags one and all (IMHO)

Deadly ....I believe Tucker Carlson's News segments proved that that is False. AP is Lying Scum the Americans "walked" around the capitol like tourist with guards escorting them..Trespassing at the most..Yet the Democrat Scumbag Politicians act like they shot JFK. You know the Drunk Pelosi told security to stand down...Let's see that POS Pelosi texts before she takes her well deserved Dirt nap, and goes Hot.

President Trump answered questions for how long...? 70 minutes? Biden runs away like a Coward, when asked any questions that are not scripted. Biden is a Weak Traitor as is his whole family (the Biden grandkids were used as pawns they are innocent) (IMHO).

Parasites and political scum support Biden..and all will be remembered for their treasonist actions...everything is captured on Digital and Stored in the "Bumblehive Data Center" in Utah...Google are in there "I promise you that"...Sheeple ;)

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