LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — It was pharmacist Gwendolyn Herzig’s first time testifying before a legislative committee when she spoke to several Arkansas lawmakers in a packed hearing room this month about a bill restricting gender-affirming care for minors.

Herzig, who is transgender, spoke out against the legislation and told the panel that one of the biggest obstacles trans people face is a lack of empathy. Only a few minutes later, a Republican lawmaker asked her an inappropriate question about her genitalia.

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Jimzan 3

Suicides ""Soar"" in the Trans communities. Hey maybe you don't like your children anymore...maybe you have taken out a ""Giant Life Insurance Policy"" on them........all the Trans "Commotion".... Just so a few Powerful Predators (Think Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Bill Gates,etc. etc. ) (IMHO) have 50 pages of transgenders to choose from instead of 30 on a Trans Mating site..... Who cares right ??.......It's only "your" children that they are after.

We "tolerate" homosexuality.....we don't "encourage it".

Despite what the POS MSM tells you.

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