MALVERNE, N.Y. (AP) — A street that honored a leader of the Ku Klux Klan in New York has a new name after a yearslong campaign led by high school students.

The village Board of Malverne, on Long Island, voted last year to rename Lindner Place, named after Paul Lindner, a banker who helped develop the village more than a century ago and also served as great titan of the New York State Klan.

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Jimzan 3

""Great Titan"", ""Grand Wizard"" ...very colorful names for an organization so despised (rightfully so). But with all the "Trendy" B.S. tactics that the Democrats have to use..(because they know that focusing on the issues, is a fail for the Dems) I would not be surprised if Klan enrollment has increased. When you "break it down"...Dems threaten new guns laws.... and Gun Sales SOAR !!! Dems use race baiting with talk of reparations and Klan enrollments SOAR !!! See what happens when a POS goes on a Power Quest (both (R) & (D))...but hey as long as your cell phone has a good signal...all is "Good". Our forefathers would have Tarred and Feathered us all. """Land of the free , and the Home of the Brave"""...I smell a revision coming down the pike....Now take the Jab, Mask Up, and Kneel.

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