Mexico will receive cruise ships

MEXICO CITY — The Mexican government said Wednesday it would continue to receive cruise ships “for humanitarian reasons,” but that passengers would be “individually fumigated” before being taken to airports for return flights to their home countries.

The Transportation Department said in a statement that protocol had been applied to the MS Europa, which docked in the Pacific coast port of Puerto Vallarta and was cleared of passengers over the weekend.

The department said Mexico’s position is that “cruise ships can disembark for strictly humanitarian reasons, without endangering the port’s population.”

Such passengers would be transported directly to the airport and not wait in lines or go through check-in at the gates, but would instead directly board planes.

Intel chief: German extremists disbanding is ‘smoke screen’

BERLIN — The head of one of Germany’s state security agencies has accused an extremist faction within the country’s main far-right party of trying to create a “smoke screen” by announcing it will disband.

Leaders of the far-right Alternative for Germany had called last week for the radical ‘Wing’ faction of the party to dissolve after the country’s domestic intelligence agency classified it as extremist.

But the head of the domestic intelligence agency in Thuringia state, where Hoecke is the party’s regional leader, said this appeared to be a tactical maneuver, adding that it was more important to see whether the party distances itself from the extremist faction.


Target subsidiary settles lawsuit

WORCESTER, Mass. — A Target Corp. subsidiary will pay nearly $2.3 million to settle a class action lawsuit filed by a Massachusetts woman who alleged it engaged in illegal debt collection practices, court records show.

Target Enterprise Inc. will pay $7,500 to Gabrielle Carlson, of Clinton, and about $300 to each of the 5,484 other state residents, the Telegram & Gazette reported. Target admitted to no wrongdoing by agreeing to settle.

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