Migrants boat sinks off Colombia

BOGOTA, Colombia — Rescue workers in Colombia were searching for five migrants missing after their boat carrying 16 people sank as it tried to reach Panama. Two bodies have been found.

The sinking was reported on Monday by officials in Acandi, a municipality along the Gulf of Uraba, an inlet of the Caribbean sea that is lined with dense jungle. Thousands of undocumented migrants cross the gulf each year on small boats.

Colombia’s navy confirmed the shipwreck off the coast of Acandi. It said nine of the migrants were rescued and the bodies of two migrants were recovered from the wreck, while five were still unaccounted for.

Greek Church: Priests to ignore closure order

ATHENS, Greece — Greece’s powerful Orthodox Church is rebelling against a government order to briefly close places of worship under a weeklong drive to tighten virus restrictions before the planned reopening of schools.

The government responded with a mildly worded statement voicing hope that the Church “will realize, as it has so far responsibly done, how crucial this time is for (Greek) society.”


Deadly plane crash in Arkansas

HARRISBURG, Ark. — Two people have died after a small plane crashed in rural northeast Arkansas, a local sheriff said.

The crash happened Monday morning in a rural area of Poinsett County, Sheriff Kevin Molder told Jonesboro TV station KAIT.

The twin-engine plane was headed to Conway Regional Airport from Jonesboro, officials said.

Historical marker commemorates Lafayette’s visit to NH town

CLAREMONT, N.H. — A new historical marker commemorates the Marquis de Lafayette’s visit to Claremont during his 13-month “Farewell Tour” of 25 states between 1824 and 1825.

The French general fought in the Continental Army with the American colonists against the British during the American Revolution. The Eagle Times reports he visited Claremont on June 27, 1825, along with several other New Hampshire and Vermont towns.

The marker unveiled last week is the third of its kind in New Hampshire. There are two others in Newport and Cornish; more are planned in Derry and Hopkinton.

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