SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich. (AP) — The judges of a Michigan university’s cheeky annual “Banished Words List” have a message for texting and tweeting Americans: Your “wait, what?” joke is lame. 

The phrase topped Lake Superior State University in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula lighthearted list of 10 “winners” chosen from among more than 1,250 submissions of overused, misused and generally groan-inducing words or phrases. 

“Wait, what?” irritated nominators who felt the phrase intended to show astonishment or disbelief is overused. 

“I hate it,” one wrote. Another added: “I don’t want to wait.”

The second slot went to another misused and overused phrase: “No worries.”

Nominators said it’s dismissive. 

“If I’m not worried, I don’t want anyone telling me not to worry,” one contributor said. “If I am upset, I want to discuss being upset.” 

The 10 winners were chosen from among more than 1,250 submissions to the judges of the cheeky annual exercise. 

The university began compiling an annual list in 1976. Past nods have gone to “détente,” “surely,” “classic,” “bromance,” and “COVID-19.”

There are only three entries associated with the pandemic this year after it dominated last year’s list. 

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Jimzan 2.0

The public school system is a Pathetic Joke...Homeschool your child...unless you want to visit them in prison when they get older. But on a brighter note, there is a big chance they will never "move out", if they went to public school, and they will probably live in your basement...Forever !!

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