Nursing Homes Living in Poverty

Alex Morisey lifts himself out of his wheelchair in his room at a nursing home in Philadelphia, on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023. His physical therapist just told him he'll use a wheelchair all the days he has left. He hasn't been outside since before the new year dawned, can't hear a soft Mexican ballad over the thunder of his roommate's TV, and when he checks his bank account, there isn't enough to order a replacement for his tattered pants. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)

PHILADELPHIA — New pants to replace Alex Morisey’s tattered khakis will have to wait. There’s no cash left for sugar-free cookies either. Even at the month’s start, the budget is so bare that Fixodent is a luxury. Now, halfway through it, things are so tight that even a Diet Pepsi is a stretch.

“How many years do I have left?” asks 82-year-old Morisey, who lives in a Philadelphia nursing home. “I want to live those as well as I can. But to some degree, you lose your dignity.”

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Jimzan 3

Alex Morisey seems to be an African American...Where is BLM and "all" the donations they received...this could help Mr. Alex Morisey out big time...Maybe the Scumbags at the Associated Press (IMHO) are just doing a B.S. article...Trying to sway the narrative..because the AP is a pack of Traitors, and Scumbags....?

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