MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) — Nicaragua’s government said Monday it will implement a program to guarantee the safe return of exiles.

Anyone who fled in the past year and does not have an open court case or formal accusation against them will be eligible to return, the foreign affairs ministry said in a statement. It said the International Organization for Migration would provide technical support, although that group said late Monday it had agreed only to study at the government’s plan.

The government made the proposal to the opposition Civic Alliance on April 10, but said it didn’t reach a consensus.

Alliance director Azahálea Solís said the group rejected the proposal as “absurd.”

“It’s ridiculous to act like the exiles would believe the same government that threatened them, persecuted them, killed their relatives and occupied their houses is now going to safeguard their lives and safety,” Solís said. She said the proposal did not include any real mechanism for protecting those who return.

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