Assailant kills several people with bow and arrows in Norway

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — A man armed with a bow and arrows killed several people and wounded others, Wednesday near the Norwegian capital of Oslo before he was arrested, authorities said.

The police chief in the town of Kongsberg said there was “a confrontation” between officers and the assailant, but he did not elaborate. He said there were several deaths but offered no details.

Norwegian broadcaster NRK reported that at least four people were dead.

Australia plans lunar rover to help NASA

CANBERRA, Australia — Australia has agreed to build a 44-pound semi-autonomous lunar rover for NASA to take to the moon as early as 2026 in search of oxygen.

The rover would collect soil that contains oxides and NASA would use separate equipment to extract oxygen from that soil, a government statement said. Oxygen extracted from the lunar surface would ultimately be used to sustain a human presence on the moon and support future missions to Mars.

Australian Space Agency deputy head Anthony Murfett said NASA had been impressed by technology used to remotely control from 1,000 miles, huge dump trucks that transport iron ore from mines in northwest Australia.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said the agreement would strengthen a relationship with Australia related to space exploration that dates back more than 50 years.


Student found unresponsive in prison cell, dies

DOVER, Del. — A University of Delaware student who was accused of threatening people with a BB gun has died after what authorities described as a “medical emergency” in his prison cell, police said, Wednesday.

Delaware State Police said Quinn Annable, 20, was pronounced dead Tuesday morning.

Authorities said correctional officers at Howard R. Young prison in Wilmington found Annable unresponsive in his cell, Thursday night. Officers began life-saving measures, including CPR, and Annable was taken to Christiana Hospital in critical condition. 

Annable was being held at the time on $20,000 cash bail. While he was hospitalized, his bail conditions were modified to unsecured bail and he was released from Department of Correction custody on Friday. It’s unclear who requested the bail modification or why. 

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