Book Bans School Libraries

Books are displayed at the Banned Book Library at American Stage in St. Petersburg, Fla., Feb. 18, 2023. In Florida, some schools have covered or removed books under a new law that requires an evaluation of reading materials and for districts to publish a searchable list of books where individuals can then challenge specific titles. (Jefferee Woo/Tampa Bay Times via AP)

DES MOINES, Iowa — Teri Patrick bristles at the idea she wants to ban books about LGBTQ issues in Iowa schools, arguing her only goal is ridding schools of sexually explicit material.

Sara Hayden Parris says that whatever you want to call it, it’s wrong for some parents to think a book shouldn’t be readily available to any child if it isn’t right for their own child.

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Jimzan 3

Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds pushes an especially sweeping crackdown on content in Iowa school libraries (way to go Reynolds)...These are "Not Books" they are LGBTQ recruitment tools. 988 is the Suicide Hotline Number. Because Suicides ""Soar"" in the Trans communities. ........all the Trans "Commotion".... Just so a few Powerful Predators (Think Soro's, Clinton, Prince Andrew, Gates, etc. etc. ) (IMHO) have 50 pages of transgenders to choose from instead of 30 on a Trans Mating site......But !! Who cares right ??.......It's only "your" children. ;)

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