A photo provided by Matt Bardeen shows Iohan Gueorguiev in 2020. Gueorguiev, who gained a following online for his lyrical appreciation of the open road while biking through remote landscapes and braving extreme conditions, died, Aug. 19 in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada. He was 31.

A truck barrels through a blizzard down a road made of ice. The road is so far north in Canada that at 10 p.m. the sun still illuminates the landscape, which is empty except for a few trees clinging to snow-covered hills.

The trucker catches up to a figure riding a bicycle. It’s a young man in a puffy coat and goggles. “Where’d you come from?” the trucker yells out the window.

“Ontario, but I’m going to Argentina,” the biker says.

“On your bike?” the trucker asks.

“Yeah!” the biker replies.

“Oh, man,” says the trucker. “I love you!”

The scene began the first of 72 videos released by that biker, Iohan Gueorguiev, chronicling his six-year trek to Argentina through a frozen-over ocean, deserts, canyons and forests. He discovered the grace of strangers and the companionship of wild animals, the glory of remote, untamed landscapes, and an audience of nearly 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Gueorguiev died, Aug. 19 in Cranbrook, British Columbia, where he had been using the home of friends as a base for travel during the pandemic. He was 33.

The cause was suicide, said Matthew Bardeen, a friend who was helping to oversee Gueorguiev’s affairs. His death was announced on biking websites late last month.

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