TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — Wang Lijie planned to spend three days in the Gobi Desert, last month, to take in the area’s famous poplar forest as its trees turned a golden yellow.

Instead, the Beijing resident has been stuck for more than three weeks, much of it in quarantine, after authorities discovered a cluster of COVID-19 cases in a nearby city. He was among more than 9,000 tourists who became trapped in Ejin Banner, a remote part of China’s Inner Mongolia region that is in the Gobi.

As vaccination rates rise in many parts of the world and even countries that previously had strict COVID-containment strategies gingerly ease restrictions, China is doubling down on its zero-tolerance policy.

China pioneered that approach — of strict lockdowns, multiple rounds of mass testing and centralized quarantine — during the world’s first major outbreak of the Coronavirus in Wuhan. And it continues now, even as it says it has fully vaccinated 77% of its 1.4 billion people and started giving booster shots.

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Jimzan 2.0

China is Scum. We need to group up with Taiwan and scrape the Scum off the planet. They are the cause of CoVid, and "all" of the Americans deaths that have occured. It was real convenient for Biden that CoVid was released when it was...Maybe CoVid was a gift to Biden from China...China (economic boost) loves Biden as does Russia (pipeline), as does Iran (Afghanistan foothold) Biden is a Worthless, Mindless, most Americans..But he is a "Gift" to China, Russia, and Iran....Now Mask Up, and Kneel...Sheeple...and enjoy Veterans day...America's Heroes deserve our utmost respect.

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