WASHINGTON (AP) — Pivotal Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin appears to be on board with White House proposals for new taxes on billionaires and certain corporations to help pay for President Joe Biden’s scaled-back social services and climate change package.

Biden said Monday he felt “very positive” about reaching agreement on his big domestic policy bill, aiming for votes in Congress as soon as this week — though that is far from certain.

“That’s my hope,” the president said before leaving his home state of Delaware for a trip to New Jersey to highlight the child care proposals in the package and his infrastructure measure.

Democrats are working intensely to try again to wrap up talks, scaling back what had been a sweeping $3.5 trillion plan so the president can spotlight his administration’s achievements to world leaders at two overseas summits on the economy and climate change that get underway later this week.

Biden huddled with the conservative West Virginia Democrat Manchin and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer at the president’s Delaware home on Sunday as they work on resolving the disputes between centrists and progressives that have stalled the Democrats’ wide-ranging bill. A person who insisted on anonymity to discuss Manchin’s position told The Associated Press the senator is agreeable to the White House’s new approach on the tax proposals.

It’s now being eyed as at least a $1.75 trillion package. That’s within a range that could still climb considerably higher, according to a second person who insisted on anonymity to discuss the private talks.

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Jimzan 2.0

"""""A person who insisted on anonymity to discuss Manchin’s position told The Associated Press"""" C'mon man, it's the AP Scumbags (IMHO)...""a person""...this person is made up...Fake News. The Associated Press is Scum....nothing more (IMHO) The AP is a tool used by the Democrat weasels to take things from you...like.., your freedom (mask mandate), your money via higher gasoline costs, higher food costs, higher energy costs,. Now the Trash Bags will tell you, "this is for "your benefit""...so why don't "you" try connecting the dots, instead of being an obedient POS.

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