Pelosi-Husband Assaulted


SAN FRANCISCO — The man accused of breaking into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home, beating her husband and seeking to kidnap her told police he was on a “suicide mission” and had plans to target other California and federal politicians, according to a Tuesday court filing.

David DePape was ordered held without bail during his arraignment, Tuesday, in San Francisco Superior Court. His public defender entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. It was his first public appearance since the early Friday attack.

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Jimzan 2.0

Too bad Nancy wasn't there...she may have been able to help. But...!! my ""Spidey Senses"" tell me the intruder may have been working for Nancy (IMHO). Paul Pelosi wrecked his Porsche while Drunk driving in Napa, CA while Nancy was out of the country. Rumor has it there was a passenger in the Porsche (boy or girl ?). Was the Hammerman a hired muscle...? You be the Judge. Sounds like a "No Bail" situation to me. 😉

Jimzan 2.0

Sounds like a "No-Bail" situation to me. Let him go ASAP. That's what they would do if the victims were "you" or "me". Another "rumor" that is circulating... Paul and David were both in their underwear....was this a Lovers Spat...? Lets Break it Down shall we....

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