Storage unit safety

A high level of security is necessary at storage units, which can be a great way to free up space but which require proactive means of keeping items safe.

LANCASTER — The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s Lancaster station wants to remind residents the importance of storage unit security.

For residents, storage units can be a great way to free up space and reduce clutter around the house or the office.

Although storage units may offer security, it is important for renters to not solely rely on the facility to keep items safe.

A proactive way for residents to keep their items secure is to simply check on the storage unit often. Doing so will allow renters to check on their locks and the condition of their unit.

Many rental offices sell a variety of locks in price and quality. Residents should take into consideration to pay a little extra for a quality lock to ensure the security of the storage unit. Disc padlocks have proven to be safer than combination locks, according to the sheriff’s department’s Detective Bureau.

In the instance a storage unit is broken into, renters might want to keep a detailed inventory of what is being stored. Pictures along with detailed descriptions and serial numbers can help authorities track down stolen items.

When checking up on a unit, authorities advise renters to be a good neighbor and notify the rental office if one notices anything wrong or unsecure with nearby units.

The department also wants renters to consider getting renter’s fire insurance to protect their items in case of a fire.

Lastly, make sure the rental office has the most up-to-date contact information in case it needs to reach you.

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Had a thief rent a storage unit 5 doors from ours...he broke into every unit on the row...using his unit as a starting point. No big loss (speargun, OEM Mazda RX7 radio, junk mainly) Never keep anything valuable in your may regret it.

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