William P. Warford


Sadly, we have an embarrassment of riches this month when it comes to searching for outrages.

To this month’s list:

Minneapolis council — Voting 12-0, the Minneapolis City Council moved to eliminate its police department. Residents will have a chance to vote on that brilliant move.

At the same time, the council is spending $4,500 per day of taxpayer money for private security for three of its members who have allegedly received death threats.

“No protection for thee, but plenty for me”?

Trump tweets — I don’t obsess over the stupid things the president says/tweets because you could write about them every day and that’s what The New York Times and The Washington Post are for.

But retweeting a video clip in which a guy yells, “White power”? Come on.

Later, Trump said he didn’t hear that phrase. You’re president of the United States and you don’t screen the videos you share?

Either he is lying or astonishingly irresponsible. Neither of which we deserve from a president.

It ain’t so, Joe! — Speaking of untenable choices in the 2020 election, CNN — yes, CNN! — published a story on its website called, “Fact-checking Biden on GOP tax cuts, NAACP endorsement, and other false and misleading claims.”

Among the whoppers, “The NAACP has endorsed me every time I’ve run.”

The NAACP does not endorse candidates.

 Mask fights — Granted, the experts told us in March, including Dr. Anthony Fauci on “60 Minutes,” that masks don’t protect us from Coronavirus.

But later they said they only told us that so we wouldn’t buy up all the masks and leave healthcare professionals unprotected.

For months now, they’ve been telling us the mask does help prevent us from infecting other people.

Thus, it’s not about you, it’s about protecting others. If you have the virus, but don’t yet know it, you could pass it to others. Why do you want to put other people at risk?

It makes no sense.

Think of it like Pascal’s Wager. The French philosopher reasoned that man gambles his life on whether God exists and should therefore live his life as if God exists.

If there is no God, all you’ve lost is a few worldly pleasures. If there is a God, you’ve gained entrance to Heaven.

If masks don’t help prevent the spread, all you’ve lost is the inconvenience of wearing one. If they do help, you might save someone else’s life.

Systemic stupidity — The rich liberal white people in Minneapolis Powderhorn Park neighborhood vowed to boycott police — to not call the cops.

In a story about the police boycott, The New York Times quoted a resident who was held up at gunpoint by two African-American kids demanding his car keys. He called the cops, violating the vow, but felt terrible about it later.

Much to his relief, the perpetrators were not found. If he doesn’t care about his own life, does this fool not realize that by not calling the cops in such a situation he endangers the lives of others?

Not to mention the hideous message it sends — go ahead and rob people, there are no consequences.

Meanwhile, a homeless encampment has taken over the park, and a child was sexually assaulted over the weekend. But, hey, don’t call the cops!

The people who took the victim to the hospital did not call the police. Naturally, rational people at the hospital did.

It sounds like a parody of the far left, but it is true.

CHOP Fiasco — The far left mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, who ordered police to abandon a precinct during the first nights of rioting, is shocked that the Marxists occupying the area known as CHOP refuse to leave.

There have been three shootings in the six-block area.

The mayor can’t understand why they won’t leave. She asked them to. She spoke nicely to them. She shares their values.

What else could a mayor possibly do?

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