Sage Hall

LANCASTER — Antelope Valley College trustees approved change orders for Sage Hall at the Oct. 18 meeting, prior to the two-story building’s grand opening ceremony on Oct. 29.

The change order by California Fence for Sage Hall was $24,862, including $8,031 for the addition of a handrail around a staircase, as per an Americans with Disabilities Act requirement, according to the change order. 

There was also $4,520 for revising single gates to double gates. The change order, plus previously authorized change orders, brought the total contract price to $437,167. 

Another $12,601 change order by McWhirter Steel Inc., covered a revision for a stairway. That brings the total contract cost, including previous change orders, to about $2 million.

The two-story Sage Hall costs an estimated $28.6 million to build. It was paid for with proceeds from Measure AV, the $350 million bond measure passed by local voters in November 2016. The building includes classrooms and a computer lab, as well as study rooms, faculty offices and a dean’s suite.

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Jimzan 2.0

""construction price tag increases"" I will let you in on a little secret....I know a contractor that builds sheriff stations...He always bids the job at cost (no profit at all). Then while building the station they "ALWAYS" request modifications, or upgrades, did I mention "ALWAYS". Those request come with a "HEFTY" price tag...did I mention "HEFTY" !!! Now lets see if you can connect the dots...while Masking You should probably consider kneeling

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