PALMDALE — Palmdale Water District customers are invited to meet today with Board President Vincent Dino, to learn more about the District and its services during “Coffee with a Director.”

The gathering runs from 9 to 11 a.m. at Starbucks, 38135 47th St. East,

Suite 605.

Palmdale Water District will buy the first cup of coffee for community members who attend.

Today’s event is the final in a series, one with each of the five directors, intended to provide a casual environment for customers to meet with their representatives to the Board and ask water-related questions.

For those unable to attend in person, Dino will be on Facebook Live from 10 to 10:30 a.m. on the Palmdale Water District’s page, @palmdaleh2o

Also, written questions may be submitted as Facebook messages to be answered during the


“Community engagement is very important to me and these coffee events have been a great way to engage and talk to the people we represent,” Dino said. “I want to have a cup of coffee with anyone interested in finding out information about PWD and what it is that we do. I hope to share some water knowledge with my community. Stop by and talk water with me.”

He has served on the Board since he was first elected in 2013, winning re-election in 2018, to a term that runs

through 2022.

Dino represents Division 5, an area that lies roughly between Avenue P to the North, Avenue S to the South, 75th Street to the East and 30th Street

to the West.

He has lived in Palmdale since 1993, having moved from San Fernando and is a retired journeyman electrician of 35 years.

Prior to his election to the District, he served on the Palmdale Planning Commission for eight years, including two terms as its chairman.

Dino also serves as sergeant at arms of the Grandsons of Italy in America Club, which honored him as its “Man of the Year”

in 2011.

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