The City of Lancaster is asking for public input on a new logo, as it looks to rebrand. The Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix race is just one of the events that represents the city.

LANCASTER — The public is invited help the City of Lancaster choose a new logo and brand.

Last November, the City Council approved a one-year agreement with Selbert Perkins Design, an international design firm based in Playa Del Rey, for brand development and implementation.

Lancaster’s current brand, “It’s Positively Clear” and its associated logo, a plus sign made with a spring green color and blue, will be replaced.

Lancaster was founded by the nation’s original pioneers and continues to create the future through science, technology, art, community and culture.

“As home to astronauts, rocket scientists, awesome families and unique businesses large and small, Lancaster is leading the USA with innovation,” Mayor R. Rex Parris said. “This is really exciting, it is not just changing the logo; it is much more significant than that. It is a huge change and the more community input we get, the better.”

The new brand will be a reflection of the city’s reputation for many years to come. 

The public can help Lancaster select the next brand by voting on a logo and tagline that will allow the city to be memorable, elicit confidence, expertise, energy, spirit and imagination onto the entire community. 

Not all questions are required to be answered. City officials only ask that participants vote for their favorite logo concept and tagline, but would appreciate any other feedback they are willing to provide.

Those who choose to provide their email at the end of the survey, will be entered to win a grand prize of Apple AirPods, or one of five $50 gift cards. 

The survey can be completed by visiting 

The estimated time to complete this survey is five minutes.

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This is ridiculous. The cost to change everything to a new logo will be expensive. The money could be used for more important things. Our roads are full of potholes--fix them instead.

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