June 12, 2019 Crime Map


THEFT FROM VEHICLE: 4100 block Acton Avenue


ASSAULT: 172th Street East and Avenue O


ASSAULT: 32th Street East and San Luis Drive

ASSAULT: 42700 block Fourth Street East

ASSAULT: 43200 block 16th Street West

ASSAULT: 43200 block Gadsden Avenue

ASSAULT: 43300 block Gadsden Avenue

ASSAULT: 44600 block Valley Central Way

ASSAULT: 44900 block Calston Avenue

ASSAULT: 44900 block Valley Central Way

ASSAULT: 45300 block Gadsden Avenue

ASSAULT: 45400 block 30th Street West

ASSAULT: 500 block East Avenue H-14

ASSAULT: 800 block East Avenue J

ASSAULT: 800 block West Lancaster Boulevard

THEFT FROM VEHICLE: 1000 block East Avenue K

THEFT FROM VEHICLE: 35th Street East and Avenue F

THEFT FROM VEHICLE: 43500 block 17th Street West

THEFT FROM VEHICLE: 43600 block 16th Street East

THEFT FROM VEHICLE: Fifth Street East and Avenue L

THEFT: 1400 block West Avenue H-8

THEFT: 500 block East Avenue L-12

THEFT: 700 block West Avenue K

VEHICLE THEFT: West Avenue J-8 and Fenner Avenue


ASSAULT: 10th Street West and Technology Drive

ASSAULT: 1300 block Berkshire Drive

ASSAULT: 36800 block 42nd Street East

ASSAULT: 40200 block Watford Way

ASSAULT: 57th Street East and Laurel Avenue

RAPE: 38400 block 10th Street East

ROBBERY: 20th Street and Avenue R

ROBBERY: 37300 block Desert Willow

THEFT: 38100 block 47th Street East

THEFT: 38500 block Carolside Avenue

VEHICLE THEFT: 2400 block East Avenue S


ASSAULT: 9800 block East Avenue S


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