PALMDALE — The City Council tonight will take up consideration of approval of an affordable housing complex that features more apartments than would normally be allowed because nearly one-third will be set aside for tenants who qualify as low- or very low-income.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m., in the Council Chambers, 38300 Sierra Hwy., Suite B.

The Juniper Grove Apartments are proposed for a 4.75-acre site on the Southeast corner of Avenue R and Division Street and are being developed by the same company behind the Courson Arts Colony.

The Planning Commission unanimously approved the development site plan and density bonus agreement for the project at its Dec. 12 meeting.

The complex will consist of three, three-story buildings, connected by walkways between the upper levels, as well as amenities such as offices, a conference room, library, fitness room, playground and fenced dog run, according to the staff report.

It will have a mixture of apartments, including 49 one-bedroom, 27 two-bedroom and 25 three-bedroom units.

Because 30% of the 101 units will be set aside for tenants who qualify as low- or very low-income, state law allows for more units to be built on the site than would usually be allowed, as well as other concessions to requirements for open space, parking and other standards, Contract Planner Perry Banner said at the Planning Commission meeting.

The project will provide 115 covered carport parking spaces and 38 open-air parking spaces, for a total of 153 parking spaces onsite.

Banner said the allowance for concessions in the density bonus agreement will help close the financial gap that occurs when developing affordable housing.

The state law is a sliding scale, with more additional units allowed for more affordable units included. For this project, the scale allows for a density bonus of 35%.

The definition of low- and very low-income for the project is set annually and is based on the median income for a family of four in Los Angeles County. For this project, low-income is set at $83,500 and very low-income is $52,200, Banner said.

Staff has recommended the Council approve the density bonus agreement for the development, following the public hearing on the project during tonight’s meeting.

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