Even the Wash­ing­ton Post got it right on the big college admissions scandal.

The Post pointed out that “helicopter parents” — those who hover over their kids and involve themselves in every aspect of their lives — are ruining their kids.

The worst part is, according to reports, some kids didn’t know their parents cheated to get them into the college of their choice. Some of these kids thought they did it on their own.

We didn’t have tutors or consultants or any of that nonsense when I was in school. We just found out the date, showed up and took the SAT.

A reader pointed out the scandal story broke the same day I’d written about how it makes sense to stopping worrying what people will think and attend your local community college for a couple of years before going on to a four-year school.


I not only agree with the Washington Post ed­it­orial board (that does­n’t happen often), but I agree with Sen. Eliz­a­beth Warren, D-Mas­sa­chu­setts (not sure if that’s ever happened).

When asked how much sympathy she feels toward the parents in the college scandal, she re­plied: “Zero.”

Of course, there is no small amount of irony in that reply, given that War­ren’s false claims — be they intentional or not — about her Native-Am­er­ican heritage got her hired at Harvard Law.


Speaking of Warren, the president always calls her “Pocahontas,” which is silly.

The nickname given her by columnist Jonah Goldberg is the one that makes sense. Trump evidently misunderstood it. Goldberg dubbed her “Fauxcahontas” — faux as in fake.

That was clever.


Speaking of irony, how about this? The school site council at my school was unable to meet for the first time in our his­tory Wednesday.

Reason? Lack of a quorum. Main item on the agenda for the meet­ing? A report on ab­sent­eeism.


Jay Leno — the last funny late-night talk show host — said in an interview that the shows now are way too political, and all on one side.

I see clips of these routines on the internet, as I neither have TV nor stay up that late. Political is one thing, but they just aren’t funny.

Johnny Carson never did politics. He was funny, and people loved the show.


I see another Demo­crat, Robert O’Rourke of Texas, has entered the presidential race.

It seems a natural pro­gression after his great success as, well, I don’t know what he’s suc­ceed­ed at. Oh, he succeeded at becoming a media dar­ling in his losing Senate race against Ted Cruz.

Anyway, a serious sug­ges­tion for the Dem­o­crats:

Remember last time, when the Republicans had 19 candidates? It was so unwieldy with 19 peop­­le on the stage for a de­bate.

They ended up using polls to determine the field for two debates — top tier and “kids’ table” lower tier.

The Democrats now have something like 347 candidates either in or about to be in (ex­ag­ger­ation, but the field will surely be larger than the last Republican field).

I propose that they div­ide the field with a ran­dom drawing and have a triple-bill of short debates. Maybe eight candidates in each de­bate of one hour.

Give the people a chance to see all the can­did­ates.


The real problem (among many), as men­tioned here many times before, is the marathon cam­paign season.

Candidates used to wait until the year of the elec­tion to start running (See: Kennedy, John F.). Now they start while the cleaning crew is still sweep­ing up the confetti from the last winner’s victory party.

Not only does that give us literally years of non-stop campaigning, it stops the legislative process in its tracks.

Nothing gets done dur­ing election season (See: Su­preme Court nominee Garland, Merrick).

William P. Warford’s column appears every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

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