PALMDALE — The Palmdale Water District is applying for nearly $12.8 million in state drought relief grant funds to support capital projects such as new wells, pipelines and a recycled water demonstration facility.

The Board of Directors unanimously approved the application, on Monday, for $12.79 million from the 2021 Urban and Multi-benefit Drought Relief Grant Program. The state Department of Water Resources is administering the program.

If awarded, the funding would be used for one or more of five projects, which staff identified as qualifying for the program and could meet the required completion date of March 2026.

The projects are:

• Well 36 Drilling and Equipping — The District is currently soliciting bids for the drilling, with bids for equipping the well to follow six months later.

• Well 37 Drilling and Equipping — This project is budgeted for 2023 and “can easily meet the project completion deadline,” according to the staff report.

• Water Augmentation Demonstration/Learning Facility — The District is in the planning stages for using advanced treated wastewater to augment groundwater supplies. This plan requires a demonstration facility to validate the advanced treatment systems. This would have multiple benefits, as it would transition to a learning center to educate the public on the recycled water program.

• Avenue Q Recycled Water Line — This recycled water line on Avenue Q between 30th Street East and 20th Street East is necessary to provide water to the water augmentation demonstration facility, a fill station and the District.

• Rehabilitation of Four Wells — This project would include evaluation and rehabilitation of the well structure and pump.

“We feel like we’ve got some good projects that we’ve put forward,” Engineering Manager Scott Rogers said.

The $300 million in funding for the program was approved in the state budget this year.

The District will offer to cover up to half the costs of the projects under the grants. These projects are all included in the long-term Capital Improvement Plans and budgeting, Rogers said.

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