CALIFORNIA CITY — A fight at the end of California City High School’s homecoming dance on Friday night, led to a lock-down at the event while officials investigated a report of a gun seen in the parking lot of the school gym.

Mojave Unified School District Superintendent Katherine Aguirre posted a message on the District’s website and social media, Saturday, regarding the incident.

The reported gun turned out to be a realistic-looking toy.

Some students involved in the fight were injured and “most parents of those involved were notified,” Aguirre said in the message.

The investigation into who else may have been involved is continuing.

A minor, not a California City High School student, outside the gym was detained by California City Police officers and later released when it was determined they were not involved, she reported.

Police officers were already on campus and responded to the fight and additional officers were on site quickly to aid them.

The fight is not related to the incident of a reported threat investigated, on Wednesday, Aguirre said.

In that instance, the investigation found the reported threat turned out to be a misunderstood, overheard conversation, which students reported to adults. Although it turned out to be a false alarm, school officials praised the students for reporting what they heard.

While the two incidents are not related, “it is clear that behavior is a tremendous issue,” Aguirre said in the posted message. “Even with an appropriate number of adults and the authorities on campus, some students chose to end the event in a very disturbing way. We will have to evaluate if and when we are able to hold future events.”

In the posted message, she said the investigation continues and officials will determine appropriate discipline for those involved.

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Previous message needs to be corrected-the spineless, gutless people mentioned are the members of the school board, minus one member, who has courage and integrity.


The schools in the district are totally out of control, thanks to very weak and poor leadership by the superintendent. She needs to be fired and new leadership installed, sadly the MUSD, with the exception of one member, is filled with gutless, spineless people who don't care about the safety and well being of the students and staff of the district. They get what they deserve!

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