Residential Development

A rendering is shown of a proposed 31-unit multi-family residential development at the southwest corner of Avenue Q-11 and 9th Street East. 

PALMDALE — The Palmdale City Council will hold a public hearing and review today of a proposed resolution to approve a density bonus agreement related to the construction of a 31-unit multi-family residential development at the southwest corner of Avenue Q-11 and 9th Street East.

The Palmdale Planning Commission on July 9, approved a site plan review for the proposed development of four, three-story buildings with two of the 31 units dedicated to very low-income households. The density bonus is an increase in the overall number of housing units that a developer may build on a site in exchange for including affordable housing units in the project.

“We’re excited to get those townhomes downtown with the whole Complete Streets project,” City Manager J.J. Murphy said Monday.

He said the benefit is having affordable housing mixed in with market-rate townhomes.

The “Complete Streets” project en­compasses the area between Ninth and 10th streets east and avenues Q-9 to Q-12. It will include bike lanes, curb bulb-out corners to shorten crossing distances, angled back-in parking, a raised median and four small roundabouts along 10th Street East.

Murphy said there is potential for a future phase of the project.

“It’s right next to City Hall where it will be attractive to city employees who maybe commute,” he said. “They will have an opportunity to live in good quality homes where they can walk to work.”

The project is the first in the market-rate space in what city officials hope will make a downtown housing renaissance.

It also helps the city meet its Regional Housing Needs Assessment requirement.

“That’s the other real positive aspect of this is that we’re able to bring in a quality project that’s got the ability to help us with those state mandates as well,” Mayor Steve Hofbauer said.

The project, if approved, would be near the Courson Arts Colony apartments, which were recognized with the Southern California Association of Governments’ 2020 Sustainability Award for housing innovation.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. Due to restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, the public is not allowed to attend in person, but may view the meeting streaming live on the city Web site, or Spectrum Channel 27.

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