LOS ANGELES (AP) — Bells tolled Wednesday during a solemn California Highway Patrol ceremony for an officer killed when a motorist he pulled over for a traffic stop grabbed a rifle and opened fire in a shooting rampage that wounded two more officers.

The tribute for Andre Moye, Jr. at the highway patrol’s academy in the city of West Sacramento replaced the agency’s plan to celebrate its 90th anniversary, the highway patrol said in a statement.

Authorities were still investigating what prompted Aaron Luther, 49, to shoot Moye and the other officers.

Moye had stopped Luther on a freeway in the Southern California city of Riverside on Monday, and officials have said he probably did not know that Luther had a long and violent criminal history.

“It’s obvious something triggered him to do this,” said Riverside police Officer Ryan Railsback. “We don’t know what that is.”

One of the wounded officers was still hospitalized Wednesday with what were described as critical injuries to one of his legs, though officials said he was alert and in stable condition. The other wounded officer was released earlier.

Moye, a motorcycle officer, was on a freeway overpass filling out paperwork to impound Luther’s pickup truck when Luther, who was outside the vehicle and not restrained, pulled a rifle from the truck and started shooting.

Moye, 34, was fatally wounded but called for help and two responding officers were shot in the legs while frightened motorists ducked for cover from dozens of flying bullets.

Officials have said public records showing peoples’ criminal history are not typically something officers have access to during traffic stops.

Highway patrol Inland Division Chief Bill Dance said it was not clear whether Moye asked a dispatcher for additional information about Luther, 49, who was convicted of attempted murder in 1994 and also had convictions for assault, domestic violence, unlawful possession of a firearm and battery.

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