MOJAVE — The Mojave Unified School District has hired an outside consultant to help the District develop strategies for improving school culture, student success and character development.

The District’s Board of Trustees approved a contract with The Eugene Hamilton Group on Oct. 5. Under the contract, Hamilton will visit the schools to observe and assess strengths and challenges, searching for root causes of problems, according to the contract.

Based on these observations, a plan of action of will be created to address the needs.

“We are in need of some strategies, some assistance when it comes to routines and behaviors and support, and supporting our teachers, especially at the middle school, with the number of instances that we’ve had,” Superintendent Katherine Aguirre said.

The District has been facing problems with student behavior, including those taking part in “TikTok challenges,” which lead to destruction of property, disruption and even injury to other students, she said.

“We really need to have conversations around how we’re going to support our students in getting them to communicate and to problem solve without using their hands and fists,” Aguirre said.

The consultant contract is for $1,750 per day, with a maximum of 10 days total, according to the staff report.

The contract runs from Sept. 23 to June 30, 2022.

Hamilton has already begun visitations to the District schools, visiting California City Middle School at the end of September. While there, he visited classrooms, observed students at lunchtime and was there the entire day, Assistant Superintendent Keith Gainey said.  

“The kids were instantly attracted to this guy,” he said. “Kids that I have to work toward building a relationship with, talking to, getting them to talk to me, they were instantly drawn to him.”

Gainey said Hamilton is a “guy who’s highly sought-after.”

“We’re reaching out, taking a chance,” he said.

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Jimzan 2.0

You would be wise to remove your child from public schools...Seems our children are no longer being taught academic basics...instead they are being brainwashed by political weasels, and trash bags. I am so "relieved" that my son went to a private school, and was not subjected to the "trash" that our public schools are imposing on their students. I actually had one of my teachers assaulted me when I was young (Mrs. Gibson), so I do "not" put teachers on a pedestal. Most teachers have become nothing more than political scum (IMHO).


A better idea-fire the superintendent, whose decisions have led to the total chaos of the Mojave schools.

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