LANCASTER — The Lancaster City Council will consider appointments and reappointments to seven commissions, committees and Boards at tonight’s meeting.

The proposed action, which falls under Mayor R. Rex Parris’ council agenda, includes appointing a new commissioner to the Lancaster Planning Commission.

The seven-member commission is short one member, after the departure last month of former commissioner Silvia Donovan. She was first appointed in September 2018, but her appointment was not renewed.

The City Council will also consider appointing Cedric White, Barbara Fahey and Timothy Wiley and reappointing April Bartlett, Adam Chant, Richard Despain and Dan Tufts to the Architectural & Design Commission, according to a staff report by City Manager Jason Caudle.

Council members will also consider appointing Councilman Ken Mann to serve as the council liaison for the commission.

They will consider renaming the Healthy Community Commission to the Antelope Valley Healthy Community Commission to represent its regional status and will consider appointing a representative from Supervisor Kathryn Barger’s office to the Commission. The Commission is also expected to get appointees from High Desert Medical Group, the City of Palmdale and Palmdale Regional Medical Center.

Council members will also consider appointing Angela Hearns and Denize Latanzi to the Lancaster Homeless Impact Commission, according to the staff report.

They will also consider appointments to the Antelope Valley Transit Authority Board of Directors, the Edwards Air Force Base Restoration Advisory Board and the Prison Citizens Advisory Committee.

The AVTA Board requires two elected officials and one alternate. Vice Mayor Marvin Crist and former councilwoman Angela Underwood-Jacobs represented Lancaster on the Board. The council will consider appointing Councilman Raj Malhi to the Board.

Edwards Air Force Base Restoration Advisory Board also requires two elected officials. Malhi and Underwood-Jacobs represented the city on the Board. The Council will consider appointing Councilman Darrell Dorris to the Board.

The Prison Citizens Advisory Committee requires two Council nominations. The seat is currently vacant. The Council will consider appointing Malhi to the Committee with Dorris as an alternate.

The City Council will meet at 5 p.m., today in council chambers at City Hall, 44933 Fern Ave.

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