The Planning Commission will consider revoking the Conditional Use Permit of Pro Club bail bond and check cashing business, after an investigation revealed code violations and criminal activity.

PALMDALE — The Palmdale Planning Commission, on Thursday, will discuss revoking the Conditional Use Permit for a bail bond and check-cashing business, after an investigation found code violations and reports of criminal activity.

The investigation concerned Pro Club, 1475 East Palmdale Blvd., Suite C.

Earlier this year, Planning Department staff received a crime report regarding the business that details illegal activity there, including possession of a firearm with the intent to commit a felony, possession of narcotics with a firearm, possession of controlled substances for sale and operating or minting a drug house, according to the staff report.

This prompted a full investigation, ordered by the Commission in July. The results of that investigation are before the Commission during its meeting, at 7 p.m. on Thursday in the Council Chambers, 38300 Sierra Hwy.

The Conditional Use Permit was originally granted in February 2018.

The investigation found the business to be a source of crime and a nuisance to other businesses in the area. The evidence compiled indicates the establishment, and the owner, are associated with narcotics, gambling and other criminal activity, according to the staff report.

This investigation follows several code enforcement violation investigations, dating to December 2018.

Crime reports reviewed by Planning Staff show the owner has been arrested many times, for illegal gambling operations and narcotics charges.

In addition to the crimes directly associated with the business, there are numerous reports detailing arrests in the parking lot, according to the staff report.

The business has several specific violations of the conditions of its Conditional Use permit, including failure to obtain a business license for bail bond and check cashing services, failure to provide a security plan, operating outside of the required business hours and violating the Palmdale Municipal Code by being a nuisance to other businesses, according to the staff report.

It is also in violation of signage restrictions that allow only 25% of the windows to be covered.

Based on the investigation, the planning department staff is recommending the Planning Commission revoke the business’ Conditional Use Permit.

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