LANCASTER — Antelope Valley Union High School District will spend about $87,500 on a five-year agreement with KeyAnalytics for a school facilities needs analysis and a developer fee justification study.

The agreement is $9,000 (plus expenses not to exceed 10%) per year for five years for the school facilities needs analysis and $8,500 (plus expenses not to exceed 10%) per year for five years for the developer fee justification study. Both studies are paid for with developer fees.

State law allows school districts to collect fees on new construction within their boundaries to partially offset the cost of new classrooms to accommodate population growth. The District collects a Level II developer fee of $2.45 per square foot on new residential construction. In order to continue collecting the maximum fee allowalble by law, the District is required to conduct a school facilities needs analysis.

The District also collects a $0.17 per square foot developer fee on all new commercial and industrial development in the Antelope Valley, according to a staff report.  This amount represents the District’s portion (26%) of the maximum fee allowable of $0.66 as per the last developer fee justification study.

In addition, every two years the State Allocation Board adjusts the maximum allowable fee for inflation. In order to continue collecting the adjusted commercial fee, the District must perform a new  developer fee justification study to determine if a reasonable relationship still exists between commercial development and the need for new school facilities, the report said.

A current, Board-approved developer fee justification study is necessary in order to immediately be eligible for any fee increases the State Allocation Board offers.

The Board unanimously approved the agreement at the Oct. 13 meeting.

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Jimzan 2.0

We are being hit with record inflation...and the schools go on a "Spending Spree" ...see how that works...parasitical don't ya think.

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