LANCASTER — The Antelope Valley Union High School District got a one-time $675,841 bonus from the California Lottery at the end of the 2018-19 fiscal year.

That is equivalent to an estimated $34.39 more per student, per average daily attendance, for the one-time funds.

The unexpected one-time bonus can be attributed to increased lottery sales from wishful Californians who hoped to get lucky on mega jackpots such as the record $1.537 billion Mega Millions jackpot in October 2018, a $768.4 million Powerball jackpot in March and a $522 million Mega Millions jackpot in June.

“I do want to thank everyone in this room and everyone I can find, who bought Powerball this last year because it was extremely significant when you look at the money that came in statewide,” Assistant Superintendent Brian Hawkins said during a budget presentation Thursday night.

The District typically receives about $4.1 million in restricted and unrestricted lottery funds each fiscal year. The one-time bonus brought the 2018-19 total closer to $4.8 million.

Hawkins recapped fiscal highlights from the 2018-19 budget year as part of a presentation on the 2018-29 unaudited actuals.

The unaudited actuals is the final step in the 2018-19 budget process that began in June 2018 with the 2018-19 adopted budget, followed by the first and second interim financial reports in December and March, respectively, and then the estimated 2018-19 actuals with the 2019-20 adopted budget in June.

The District’s average daily attendance, or ADA, increased by 102 students last year, with 35 ADA coming from Saturday school, alone. The District also added counselors to increase Student Support Centers on school campuses and also added security personnel on school sites.

In addition, the District completed major career technical education projects, such as the composite lab at Knight High School and sound labs at Palmdale High School.

The District’s total 2018-19 revenue, including restricted and unrestricted funds, was about $289.8 million; the total expenditures last fiscal year were approximately $279.4 million.

The District’s total revenue increased about $2.3 million and total expenditures decreased about $1.9 million.

“That has to do with one-time money that we had been accumulated over several years and we had been spending down,” Hawkins said.

The ending fund balance from fiscal 2017-18 to fiscal 2018-19 increased by about $4.2 million. However, there was an estimated $1.7 million in targeted carry-over funds that can only be spent for the benefit of students.

Subtract an additional $179,464 to be used toward the 3% state-mandated reserve, and the District has about $2.3 million in its reserve. That figure includes the one-time lottery funds, $208,018 in one-time special education cost reimbursement and a one-time $542,117 refund from the prior year from the State Teachers Retirement System.

The District also carried over budgeted expenditures from the 2018-19 fiscal year to the 2019-20 fiscal year of $249,000 to re-certify football helmets, and $118,000 for Advanced Placement exams. Those expenditures were carried over to the current fiscal year because the District did not receive the bills in time to pay for them last fiscal year.

Hawkins also covered the District’s daily attendance. From fiscal 2017-18 to fiscal 2018-19 there was 40-student increase.

“I want to hope that we can continue that but to budget with fidelity we still have to look at the trend,” he said, adding the 2019-20 budget anticipates a 100 student decline. “I hope that’s true.”

This year, on day 23 of the school year, the District was up 40 students to 21,276, from the same point last year.

The Board unanimously approved the 2018-19 unaudited actuals Thursday night.

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