LANCASTER — Acting without dissent or discussion, Antelope Valley College Trustees approved a settlement agreement Monday night between the AV Community College District and the Antelope Valley College Federation of Teachers in regard to faculty health care costs.

The union filed an unfair practice charge in December 2017 with the Public Employment Relations Board, alleging that the District failed and refused to bargain in good faith in regard to the District’s contribution to faculty health care costs.

The District denied the charges.

At the time, union leaders and AV College administration could not agree on how much to increase the health care benefits cap to cover the increased cost of those benefits. The faculty union wanted a $900 increase in the annual cap and college administration offered $500, the same as was given to other employees.

PERB issued a written complaint in June 2018, stating that the District violated multiple portions of Government Code section 3543.5 in regard to public educational employment.

The District appealed the ruling. A PERB mediation conducted last November did not produce a resolution to the charge.

According to the agreement, the faculty union agreed to withdraw and dismiss the unfair practice charge in exchange for the District paying eligible faculty members a payout representing the District’s increased contribution to actual health and welfare costs, paid by unit members from Oct. 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018.

The District shall pay the cost of health and welfare benefits of active and retired faculty members up to a maximum of $14,500, up from $14,000, for the benefit year from Oct. 1, 2017, through Sept. 30, 2018, according

to the agreement.

The District will pay the actual cost for full-time faculty members, a pro-rated percentage for part-time, and 50% for eligible adjunct faculty members.

The agreement does not constitute an admission of wrongdoing, statutory violation or liability on the part of any party to the agreement, the

document said.

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