The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health confirmed 19 new deaths and 1,071 new cases of COVID-19 Monday.

To date, Public Health officials identified 73,791 positive cases of COVID-19 across all areas of the county and a total of 2,926 deaths.

The Antelope Valley reported 44 new cases Monday, bringing the Valley’s overall total to 1,950 cases. The Valley’s death total remained at 49, as no new deaths were reported.

Palmdale reported an additional 26 confirmed COVID-19 cases since Saturday, bringing the city’s total to 943 cases. The city’s death toll remained at 20.

Lancaster added 15 new confirmed COVID-19 cases since Saturday, bringing the total to 771 cases. The city’s death toll stayed at 13 cases.

Quartz Hill has 10 deaths, with two in Lake Los Angeles and Acton and a single death each in Del Sur and Desert View Highlands.

The unincorporated communities of Littlerock, Littlerock/Pearblossom and White Fence Farms each reported one new COVID-19 case, bringing the communities totals to 17, 27 and 16 cases, respectively.

There were changes in other unincorporated communities.

Quartz Hill has the highest number of cases in the unincorporated part of the county with 48. Sun Village has the next highest total with 26.

Acton remained at 19 cases and Agua Dulce at nine. Anaverde and Del Sur each have two cases.

Desert View Highlands, the unincorporated area of North Lancaster and unincorporated Palmdale reported six cases. Elizabeth Lake and Leona Valley stayed at three each. Pearblossom/Llano remained at four cases.

Lake Hughes, High Vista, Llano, Roosevelt and South Antelope Valley remained at a single case each, according to public health officials.

Antelope Valley Care Center in Lancaster reported two staff members and three patients and no deaths. Antelope Valley Rehabilitation Facility in Acton reported three residents with COVID-19.

Mayflower Gardens Convalescent Hospital reported 14 cases among staff and 24 among residents. The hospital also reported 11 deaths among residents.

California State Prison in Lancaster reported no changes with 50 staff and 128 inmates who have tested positive, officials said.

BYD Coach and Bus reported seven staff members as confirmed positive.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health announced additional openings last week to help many residents return to work and enjoy their favorite activities amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Those include day camps and recreational campus for children and youth, fitness and sports training facilities, music, film and television production, campgrounds and outdoor recreational spaces, and museums, galleries, zoos and aquariums.

“Sectors across LA County have been working diligently to implement health officer order guidelines so they can safely reopen,” Supervisor Kathryn Barger said during a telephonic briefing. “This is another important step on our road to recovery and these activities will provide much-needed relief with recreation and entertainment, as we all regain our footing.”

She said they are eager to see more people across the county return to work and resume a sense of normalcy while balancing public health needs.

“We’re trying to balance public health with getting people back to work because we know it’s not an either-or, it’s got to be an and.,” Barger said. “We want to be driven by industry, recognizing that (LA County Public Health Director) Dr. (Barbara) Ferrer and her team will help us ensure that people are doing the social distancing and everything is in place at each business to ensure that people are protected. It’s a constant balancing act, for sure.”

Ferrer said they have teams of people working every day with the different industries that are reopening, to make sure they have the tools they need to provide as much safety as possible for employees, customers and residents.

“I think this path, so far, has worked and I look forward to being on the recovery journey,” she said.

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I did a quick search using the Google Chrome "find" function on the words "quarantine" and "shelter", just to make sure I didn't miss them, but nothing came up: so the question is, is any health authority, or any authority in the Antelope Valley, or L.A. County, doing anything to isolate these new cases? Or, are these people free to roam around without being identified, potentially infecting everyone they come across? I've lived here for many years, and based on my experience, I'm not very sanguine about our governing bodies being overly concerned for the population's well-being. Mostly, they're over concerned about making lots of money through new housing tracts and property taxes, and increased sales taxes from development of new strip malls, which spread like cancer out here.


All deaths are C-Vid nowadays...shame the real numbers get covered up by greedy businesses and corporations.... now go watch another episode of "Cribs"? so "you" can see what "you" don't have, and how you can be a weasel to change that.

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