PALMDALE — The City Council’s first meeting of the new year will see newly appointed Councilman Rich­ard Loa take the oath of office for the second time today, this time to be administered by Judge Mario Barrera.

“Even though he was sworn in by the city clerk we thought it only fair that he also get sworn in by a judge,” City Manager James Purtee said Monday.

The city council will meet at 7 p.m. in council chambers at City Hall, 38300 Sierra Highway.

The council appointed Loa, an attorney and former Palmdale City Councilman, to serve the remaining two years of Mayor Steve Hofbauer’s term at the Dec. 11 meeting. Hof­bauer represented District 2 on the council prior to his election as mayor on Nov. 6.

Council members will also discuss and take possible action in regard to coun­cil committee appointment. The various boards include the Antelope Val­ley Air Quality Management Dis­trict; Antelope Valley Mosquito and Vec­tor Control District; Antelope Valley Transit Authority; California Con­tract Cities Association; Los Angeles County Sanitation Dis­trict; North Los Angeles County Trans­por­ta­tion Coalition; The Palm­dale Aer­o­space Academy; and the South­ern California Association of Gov­ernments Regional Coun­cil.

Councilwoman Laura Bettencourt served two three-year terms on The Palm­dale Aerospace Acad­emy’s board of directors. Last July the council ap­point­ed Tony Gagliardo, the former director of tech­nical learning and de­vel­opment at NASA’s Jet Pro­pul­sion Laboratory to fill Bet­ten­court’s seat. Gag­li­ar­do resigned from the school board last fall after he got a job out of state, so the council will need to ap­point someone to take his place.

“I’m trying to get the Aer­o­space Academy to give us that nomination,” Hof­bauer said. “They know the people out there that are already coming, that are already engaged.”

Hofbauer added he wants to get more people in­volved in more things. For example, rather than ap­point another council mem­ber to the charter school board he would like to appoint someone with ex­per­tise in the area who is already engaged.

The council also will name a new mayor pro tem. Councilman Juan Car­ril­lo served as mayor pro tem last year.

Hofbauer said he needs some­one who can be more engaged with the city.

“I need a partner who can help me … and to be able to step in when I’m not available,” Hofbauer said.

Whoever the council sel­ects as the mayor pro tem, Hofbauer said he hopes it is someone who will work to advance the city’s agenda and who can mutually support the mayor.

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