Big bucks! No Whammies!

The hit game show from the 1980s, “Press Your Luck,” made its triumphant return last summer and its second season kicked off in May.

Later this month, the show will feature contestant Cherie Mouton, 33, a mother of five girls from Lancaster and a nurse at Antelope Valley Hospital.

“It was so amazing to be a part of that show. I love game shows,” she said.

When Mouton saw that they were bringing the show back, she said she had to audition for it.

“I decided to watch a few of the older episodes and it seemed so much fun,” she said. “I got so into the episodes, I was like, I have to audition for this show. So I got to audition and was able to be on and it was an amazing experience.”

Originally aired on CBS from 1983 to ’86, “Press Your Luck” now airs on ABC hosted by actress Elizabeth Banks.

The game features three new contestants each week who play several different rounds, like trivia, winning money, prizes and free spins on the Big Board.

“So, the first round of the game is trivia,” Mouton said. “So you answer a trivia question. And if you get the question right, you get a spin. So then you get to spin the Big Board, and there are prizes, money and there’s Whammies, which is when you lose everything.”

Contestants have to be careful spinning the Big Board because landing on the “Whammy,” a red cartoon character, leaves the constant bankrupt, starting over from $0.

When Mouton auditioned for the show, she admitted she was a bundle of nerves because of how much she wanted to be on the show.

“It was kind of nerve-wracking because I wanted to be on so bad,” she said. “So I was really emotional throughout the audition.”

Part of the audition process included playing the actual game.

“It was just like an emotional roller coaster with pressure, Whammies come out of everywhere,” Mouton said. “You never know when he’s going to come. … [It] made me feel like I was really in the show and I was really into it.”

After Mouton passed through the auditions, the studio taped the show luckily before the initial closures for the pandemic.

“It didn’t happen until after like a month or so after we taped everything in the audition, that everything started to shut down.”

If Mouton wins, she plans on using her winnings to take her five girls on a Disney World vacation and a Disney cruise when it is safe to do so.

The episode is set to air at 9 p.m. Thursday on ABC.

“I’m a nurse at Antelope Valley Hospital,” Mouton said. “It’s been crazy. This show has been one of the highlights for me and my family because this year has been so crazy for us.”

Edits (10/27): "The game features three contestants — one returning champion and two challengers —" now says "The game features three new contestants each week"

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