Lancaster City Hall

The Lancaster City Council is putting a three-quarter cent sales tax increase on the Nov. 3 ballot. The measure, if approved by voters, would bring an estimated $12 million in local revenue to the city until ended by voters.

LANCASTER — Lancaster citizens will have a choice this Nov. 3 to consider whether to support a proposed three-quarter cent sales tax increase expected to bring an estimated $12 million in local revenue to the city until ended by voters.

The City Council unanimously agreed to call for a special election consolidated with the Nov. 3 general election for the proposed sales tax measure. The Council unanimously approved the first step for the ballot measure at its July 14 meeting.

The proposed Lancaster Essential Services Protection Measure would protect the city’s long-term financial stability; maintain essential city services, repair streets/potholes; address homelessness; maintain 911 emergency response; keep public areas safe/clean for all; retain local businesses; protect local water sources; and maintain veterans, senior and mental health community programs, according to the ballot language.

Los Angeles County sales tax is 9.5%. The proposed measure, if approved by local voters, would raise sales tax in Lancaster to 10.25%, the maximum rate allowed in California. All of the estimated $12 million that would generated by the proposed three-quarter cent increase would remain in the city under local control.

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Ensure your vote is what you really want in this election. Read the entire ballot to educate yourself in what a "Yes" vote will mean, and exactly what a "No" vote will mean so your vote will truly show your decision.

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