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LANCASTER — If you are on the east side of Lancaster around 9 p.m. tonight, look up in the sky because there should be fireworks.

The Lancaster City Council will hold a special meeting today to consider approval of an agreement for a fireworks show tonight despite state and county prohibitions against it.

“We think it’s important to actually approve the fireworks show and permit it,” Mayor R. Rex Parris said Friday.

The L.A. County Department of Public Health issued a health order on June 29 prohibiting fireworks displays in the county for the Fourth of July weekend to prevent dangerous crowding that results in the spread of deadly COVID-19.

The fireworks vendor will use high-altitude shells that ought to be visible on the entire east side of the city.

“He promises a great show. People should enjoy it because we’re the only city in the state besides Taft doing it,” Parris said. “It’s amazing how few mayors and city councils are still Americans.”

The proposed agreement with the unnamed vendor is valued up to $30,000.

Parris said the city is exercising a great deal of discretion because the county has declared war on Lancaster.

Three words of caution to anyone considering heading out to watch the fireworks: wear a mask. That is, if you decide to exit your car to watch the colorful pyrotechnic show.

“If you get out of that car you better have a mask on. If you don’t have a mask there will be people patrolling to give you a mask. If you don’t put it on we will be citing people,” Parris said.

The City Council will meet at 1 p.m. today telephonically. Audio will be streamed live on Channel 28 and the City’s Web site at

Public comments on agendized items may be submitted by dialing1-888 -475 -4499 Using meeting id: 915 6612 3889# password: 293040

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R Rex made a stand and..the hospitals were not "overrun" with new C-Vid (hoax) patients. I am not a big fan of R Rex... But I thought what he did was courageous, and I am proud to call him my Mayor..he has my support going forward.


Sadly for me, looking at our country today with rampant lawlessness, to see this mayor defy the ban that all other cities honored, only joins in the disrespect of authority. He has given the green light to the rest of Lancaster to ignore whatever they may not agree with. For this elected mayor to cause the city he represents, to be given a headline on the evening news showing disrespect for the authority over him is certainly nothing I would call courageous or worthy of support. I am just a regular citizen, sickened by the unbridled lawlessness we are seeing across our country today - and Parris is just another disrespectful casualty.


It was pretty disgusting to turn on the ABC evening news on the 4th of July and see the screen lit up with "LANCASTER TO IGNORE COUNTY FIREWORKS BAN." So then Rex, is it ok for the rest of Lancaster to blow off any bans or rules you decide to invoke? Some leader - obey the rules ...if you want to.


Way to go R Rex ! Be safe ! and let's celebrate the deeds of our courageous ancestors. (because you (John Q public) are the watered down version of courageous)

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