Lancaster Chick-fil-A

These are the specifications for the proposed Chick-fil-A restaurant, which would be on the northwest corner of Avenue K and 15th Street West. The property has been vacant since the former Toys R Us retail store closed in 2018.

LANCASTER — Lancaster’s first Chick-fil-A restaurant could be coming to one of the city’s most prominent vacant lots.

The Lancaster Architectural and Design Commission at its May 6 meeting approved elevations for the proposed restaurant at the northeast corner of Avenue K and 15th Street West.

The property has been vacant since the former Toys R Us retail store closed in June 2018. The restaurant would take up approximately 1.2 acres of the 9.36-acre site. The remainder of the site will ultimately be developed as a commercial/retail center, according to a staff report by Senior Planner Jocelyn Swain.

The applicant is proposing a 2,663 square-foot restaurant with a 1,370 square-foot outdoor dining patio. There would be no indoor dining. The proposed restaurant would have a two-lane drive-thru that could accommodate up to 31 vehicles prior to the pick-up window, according to the report. There would also walk-up order windows.

The proposed project would include a total of 8,863 square feet of landscaping that would serve as a buffer separating 15th Street West and Avenue K from the drive-thru lanes, as well as around the perimeter of the building and throughout the parking area, according to the report.

The proposed restaurant would be built using a combination of stucco and metal finishes.

“The exterior stucco would be a combination of cream and gray colors, specifically, Westhighland White and Urban Night,” the report said. “The exterior metal panel system would be Sandstone, Dark Bronze, and Urban Night. Painted portions of the building would be Dark Bronze. Sign­age on the building would match the Chick-fil-A logo in red.”

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