LOS ANGELES — The number of hate crimes reported last year in Los Angeles County was the highest in 12 years, led by a spike in racial crimes, the county Commission on Human Relations said, Wednesday, in an annual report.

The total of 635 hate crimes reported in 2020 was a 20% increase over the previous year, and 61% were racist crimes, the report said.

African Americans, who are just 9% of the county population, accounted for 42% of racial crime victims, according to the report. A total of 169 anti-Black crimes were reported.

Anti-Latino crimes were up 58% to 106 and anti-white crimes jumped to 50, a 127% increase. The report’s statistics also reflected the trend of hate crimes targeting Asians, which increased 76%, from 25 to 44.

“This report is another alarming reminder that we have a long way to go in building a more inclusive and just society,” said Hilda L. Solis, chair of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

The LA County findings are similar to a June report by the state attorney general that found hate crime in California surged 31% in 2020, fueled mainly by a big jump in crimes targeting Black people.

California saw large protests in 2020 following the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. And it also saw a surge in attacks on people of Asian descent following the emergence of the Coronavirus in China.

The Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations has produced a report on hate crimes since 1980. The commission compiles and analyzes data from law enforcement agencies, educational institutions and community-based organizations.

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Jimzan 2.0

First of all the ASSOCIATED PRESS is a pack of Scumbags (IMHO) never forget that. With all the B.S. hate speech that the left wing scumbags spew...it's no wonder America has not had a 2nd civil war. The Democrats are clueless idiots when it comes to running a country..just look at the massive failures of Biden (Brandon). Hate and division is all the left knows...I never looked at skin color 20 years ago...I do now. "Whites are suppressing the blacks"...really I guess having a Black President was just a giant "White Supremacy Plan" (still waiting for that "White Plan" to hatch) There are a ton of "clueless useful idiots" that believe the lies that the Democrats spew...most are parasites and support idiots like Pelosi (Uber Scum)(IMHO) not for the issues, but for the free ride that the Democrats "have" to give out..Because no one would support these Political Scum Bags if they were not handing out money. To most Democrats...money is their God.

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