The Kern County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of a phone scam in which the callers claims to be from the Sheriff’s Office and that the recipient has a warrant that must be paid.

The caller, sometimes an automated message, says the fine must be paid through a listed “bonds office” or a QR code in order to avoid arrest.

Sheriff’s officials warn that these calls are a scam, and that the office does not accept any type of payment to clear a warrant.

The scam is not new, even to Kern County Sheriff’s Office, which has warned the public about the problem for the past two years.

Similar scams have been perpetrated with the callers purporting to represent other agencies, including the IRS, claiming the recipient has outstanding tax payments due.

For any phone call from an unknown person requesting money, residents are advised to research the matter before paying anything. This may be done by contacting the represented organization directly.

Anyone who receives a phone call that they believe may be a scam should ask the caller for their name, employee identification number and a callback number, as well as the reference number for the matter they are calling about, Sheriff officials said. This information may be used to contact the organization directly to determine the validity of the call.

Anyone receiving suspicious phone calls that they believe may be a scam is urged to contact the Kern County Sheriff’s Office at (661) 861-3110, or to their local law enforcement agency, and report the incident.

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The phone companies know who these scammers are....(good customers). We can thank the phone companies for all the telemarketers, and we can thank our govt. for making the Do Not Call registry a Pathetic Joke. The FBI seems to be more interested in harrassing American citizens (with conflicting political views) than tracking down scum, who are scamming the elderly. Who is the bigger scumbag...The scammers or the FBI....?

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