Keppel Union School District

LITTLEROCK — Kep­pel Union School Dis­trict will spend up to $60,000 on a contract with ar­chi­tectural firm Flew­el­ling and Moody for basic ar­chi­tectural services including design and construction doc­uments of the future well­ness center at Lake Los Angeles School.

The district will spend anoth­er $298,443 to pur­chase a 48-foot by 40-foot modular building that would serve as the cen­ter. Then there is anoth­er $63,840 in ten­ant im­prove­ments for con­struc­tion of the offices inside the build­ing.

Flewelling and Moody de­signed and built Lake Los Angeles School. The firm will scope out the de­sign and location of where the wellness fac­il­ity is to be located. They will also make the rec­om­men­da­tions and designs to be sub­mitted to the Division of the State Architect, as well as work with the con­tract­ors to make sure all spec­ifications meet Div­is­ion of the State Architect requirements.

The not-to-exceed $60,000 contract, and the $298,443 to purchase the mod­ular building from Elite Modular Leasing and Sales Inc. (not including $63, 840 in tenant im­prove­ments) is part of the $750,000 budget the Board ap­proved for the project at its Feb. 7 meeting.

The cost to purchase the modular building with of­fice, kitchen and rest­rooms intact was $375,720, ac­cording to a proposal sub­mitted to the District. Kep­pel Union can save $13,637 by buying the modular building and completing its own tenant improvements.

Board Clerk Georgia Hal­li­man expressed con­cern the district was near­ing its $750,000 budget.

“We’ve only got $300,000 left,” Halliman said.

Superintendent Ruben Zepeda said the only things left are concrete, leveling, and trenching to provide electricity and fiber cable.

Halliman also asked about furniture and trash cans.

“I don’t want to go over that $750,000,” Halliman said.

Zepeda agreed but said if the district does go over, it can pull money from the school’s Mello-Roos funds.

Lake Los Angeles School’s future Well­ness Cen­­ter will have an of­fice for a nurse, coun­sel­ors and outside agencies that will bring services to the community. Those in­clude Social and Behavior Change Communication, Chil­­dren’s Bureau, An­tel­­ope Vally Partners for Health, Healthy Fam­il­ies Am­er­ica, Autism Learn­ing Part­ners, kinship pro­­grams and financial in­­sti­­tu­tions that will help par­ents learn how to bud­get.

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