Kenneth Jenks

Kenneth Jenks

EDITOR’S NOTE: These are part of a series this week on candidates for the 25th Congressional District seat.

Santa Clarita Republican Kenneth Jenks is one of 13 candidates running for the 25th Congressional District seat held by former Rep. Katie Hill. Jenks, a telecommunications executive, answered questions about his candidacy via email:

Why are you running for Congress?

I am running for office to give the constituents a representative that will fight for everyone. A Congressman that will see to it that our district does not go down a slippery slope that (House Speaker Nancy) Pelosi and all her commemorative pen pals have taken their own districts. I am a 30-year resident and homeowner of Santa Clarita. I raised my now two adult children in Santa Clarita, and my three young grandchildren took their first steps in the 25th. We will not allow the failed liberal left policies like many of the other districts take root in our district.

What experience do you have that you feel qualifies you for the job?

I am a meritorious U.S. Marine Corps campaign service medal veteran. I am a member of the American Legion and VFW. I support our veterans now and will continue to support policies and legislation that further support our veterans.

I have had a 35-year telecommunications career (starting) as an engineer through vice president. I have led diverse organizations and created hundreds of jobs during my career here in Southern California and our district. I hold a bachelor of science in telecommunications engineering, and a second concentration in computing from Rochester Institute of Technology; a master of science in engineering management from California State University Northridge; and earned a Top 10 executive MBA from Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. I also received specialized leadership training at the Southern Methodist University Edwin L. Cox Business Leadership Center. This diverse leadership and education background differentiates me from all the other candidates and positions me well to deliver the leadership, wisdom, and sensibility our district deserves.

I know business and capitalism. I have been a key player in several startup operations with strong (return on investment) from a few million startup capital to $300 million in annual revenues. I have been building and implementing carrier wireless, wireline, internet, enterprise data, voice and fiber optic networks throughout California, the U.S., and globally for 35 years. My work has included network security, cloud computing, cybersecurity, health care compliance, and federal and financial regulatory network compliance.

I have worked extensively with the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act agency, Homeland Security, 911/E911 PSAPs, First Responder Mobile Pre-emptive Emergency Calling, Secure Communications to Heath Care and Financial Institutions throughout California and much more. I have also worked with great all-American innovative manufacturers such as REDCOM.

I have been in the forefront of the digital wireless/mobile services evolution. My work includes coordination with various permitting agencies such as transportation, city, state, utilities, and railroad authorities. Safety, environmental regulation and seasonal constraints influence (my) work as well.

I continue to implement carrier networks and enterprise services to first responders, hospitals, school districts, universities, federal and state agencies municipalities, and large enterprise businesses.

What are three areas of concern specific to the Antelope Valley?

Three areas of concern for the Antelope Valley are: 1. Quality and affordable education along with school choice. We don’t all learn the same way. We are all unique. 2. Safety, security, and sovereignty. This includes legal immigration as well as for DACA children and young adults tied to immigration legislation. I support our president’s policies in this area. I am also compassionate about this issue as my wife of 30-plus years was a legal immigrant, and my son-in-law is a first-generation Hispanic. His mother emigrated legally from Guatemala. I understand the issue of immigration on a personal level, and from different perspectives. There are four languages spoken fluently in my immediate family. 3. Economics and health care. Strong employment, a business-friendly environment, affordable housing and good health are the bedrock for sustainable economic growth.

Would you have voted to impeach Trump? Why or why not?

The left has been after our president for three years. Impeachment has been their doctrine. I urge everyone to have an open mind and understand that our president has been fighting the good fight for all of us. He has delivered results on many fronts. Ukraine is corrupt or has been corrupt. The Bidens were, and likely still are, playing in the swamp. Joe Biden confessed to his quid pro quo himself. The House impeachment process was a continuation of a partisan “impeach Trump doctrine,” and the results have shown this. We are smart, and each of us saw what the commemorative pen pals tried to pull off. It was a sham and it was disgraceful. It is the sworn duty of the president to execute our laws, protect and defend our country and constitution as the commander in chief. This includes protecting hard-earned dollars from corrupt Ukraine, where their leaders were known to have stolen billions from their own people.

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