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LANCASTER — The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the circumstances surrounding a confrontation between a Lancaster High School student and a school resource deputy caught on video and widely circulated  on social media.

The incident occurred on Aug. 30 at the high school. The deputy was attempting to detain the juvenile female student in relation to an unspecified criminal complaint. The student physically resisted the detention and the deputy used force to take the student into custody, the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station said in a release.

The juvenile was released from custody to her parents, the Sheriff’s Information Bureau said in an email.

The approximately five-second video appears to show the deputy and student fall to the ground as a door opens behind them. The deputy attempts to restrain the student, who struggles beneath him.

“As a result of the interaction, the Sheriff’s Department has directed an in-depth review of the policy and tactics which were used during the incident,” the release said. “We will thoroughly review our actions related to this incident and take appropriate action. The Sheriff’s Department has been working in partnership with the Antelope Valley Union High School District for several years with the continuing goal of providing a safe environment for all involved in the learning process.”

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact the sheriff’s department’s Lancaster station at 661-948-8466. Those who prefer to provide information anonymously may call “Crime Stoppers” by dialing 800-222-8477.

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Jimzan 2.0

The statement ""The student physically resisted the detention"" says it all right there. The child is an idiot...but even worse her parents are lazy trash bags. No doubt she is trying to be the next female George Floyd...truly pathetic. You cooperate with authorities..they outnumber you, they out radio you, they out gun you. Play "Stupid Games" and you will win "Stupid Prizes" (like a Dirt Nap). There are a lot of pathetic parents, that feel they don't have to raise their kids, that others should do Schools, Juvenile Hall, Prisons..etc etc. It's the parents fault (usually) for being self centered Idiots. If the parents are trying..but the child is stubborn, take them to the police station for a day, let the officers know you would like to give your child a "preview" of the current path they are on, and where it will lead them..let the child eat the food...sleep on the beds, hang with future BFF's, and enjoy the stench they will be subjected to, Let them enjoy their future living accommodations....Because incarceration is also a "business" the police will accommodate one way or another.


Jimzan 2.0,

Welldone Sir.

I worked at lancaster high school, I enjoyed working with the students, at least the ones who obeyed the rules, had manners & liked school. Some had set goals for the future. I enjoyed having them around. And yet Some students are so disrespectful, crude, loudmouth ubullies. I would ask why are you here, you're just taking up space from someone who wants to learn. Some Parents need to wake up & be a Parent. Teachers educate, Principles & office staff (administration) deal with attendence, parents, etc. Security keeps the kids & staff safe inside & outside the school. Janitorial keeps the school clean inside/outside. Food Service Workers make sure your child Eats Food, Hot Food & Good Food. 50% or more parents dont have a clue on how your child acts at school, how they treat fellow students and staff. Some parents would be proud and some parents would be deaf, blind ignorant, embarrassed or just simply horrified at the way your kid acts at school.

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