San Francisco Homeless Lawsuit

Victoria Solomon (right) hangs her belongings to dry after several days of rain in San Francisco. Police harass her on a regular basis, she says, and San Francisco city workers have confiscated her belongings at least five times this year in tent cleanups.

SAN FRANCISCO — On a frosty December morning, Victoria Solomon recounted how San Francisco police had rousted her awake, hours earlier, and threatened to take her to jail if she didn’t clear out within 10 minutes.

They tried to force her out of a public area without offering a shelter bed as required by law, Solomon said. At least this time city workers didn’t trash her belongings, she said. This would have forced her to find a new tent, bedding and clothes — not to mention new identification and Social Security cards, as well as a cell phone.

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The Homeless do not want to go to the shelters because most (not all) would prefer to do Dope, and risk "Freezing" to death, than to be Sober at a shelter. Big money projects = easy to skim What do you think Biden skims off the Ukraine fiasco...?

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