LOS ANGELES — Temperatures will climb into the 90s next week in some valley areas of L.A. County and a few Orange County cities, creating heat wave conditions, National Weather Service forecasters said.

Highs in the Antelope Valley, for instance, are forecast to be 95 Monday, 98 Tuesday, 97 Wednesday and 96 Thursday — generally between nine and 12 degrees above normal, they said.

At the same time, Woodland Hills will experience highs of 96 degrees on Monday and Tuesday, 93 on Wednesday and 90 on Thursday — between seven and 13 degrees above normal — while in the Santa Clarita Valley, Saugus will be at 93 Monday, 95 Tuesday and Wednesday and 92 Thursday.

Temperatures are also expected to hit the 90s next week in parts of the San Gabriel Valley, but they won’t be as high or as widespread as in the other valleys, with highs of 91 forecast in Pasadena on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Similarly, some Orange County communities are expecting highs in the low 90s next week, with Anaheim, for example, due to hit 91 Monday, 92 Tuesday and 91 Thursday.

NWS meteorologist Dave Bruno said from his monitoring station in Oxnard that conditions may warrant the issuance of heat advisories for some L.A County valley areas next week. In San Diego, where Orange County conditions are monitored, NWS meteorologist Bruno Rodriguez said the temperatures reaching the 90s would be 10-15 degrees above normal and would constitute heat wave conditions.

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