HUNTINGTON BEACH — A group of environmental organizations demanded Wednesday that the Biden administration suspend and cancel oil and gas leases in federal waters off the California coast after a recent crude oil spill.

The Center for Biological Diversity and about three dozen organizations sent a petition  to the Department of the Interior, arguing it has the authority to end these leases. The groups say offshore drilling threatens wildlife, fisheries and tourism and the decades-old platforms off the coast of California are especially susceptible to problems due to their age.

The move comes several weeks after an undersea pipeline that shuttles oil from offshore platforms to the coast leaked about 25,000 gallons of crude into the ocean off Orange County.

“Federal officials have the power and the duty to stop the oil industry from killing our birds, fouling our beaches and polluting our climate,” Emily Jeffers, an attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity, said in a statement. “The Biden administration needs to bring the hammer down on offshore drilling in California’s federal waters.”

The Department of the Interior declined to comment on the petition.

The department is required to respond to the petition, Jeffers said. If it doesn’t, she said the groups could take legal action.

The spill washed blobs of oil ashore affecting wildlife and the local economy, though the environmental damage so far has been less than initially feared. But environmental advocates say the long-term impact on sensitive wetland areas and marine life is unknown and shop owners in surf-friendly Huntington Beach fear concern about oil will keep tourists away even once the tar is gone.

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Jimzan 2.0

""The Center for Biological Diversity and about three dozen organizations"" notice how no names were given...that's because the trash behind the curtain does not want you to know their name. They prefer to remain an enigma. Political trash always hides...just in case.

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