LANCASTER — Antelope Valley Union High School District Board members Victoria Ruffin and Amanda Parrell voted against a $125,000 grant for the second time in two months.

The item — a grant sub-agreement with Rancho Santiago Community College District — would have paid for a current District employee to serve as a liaison for existing career technical education programs on AV Union High School District campuses and Antelope Valley College. The position already exists. The grant would allow the district to shift the funding currently used to support students in other ways.

Ruffin tried to table the item at the April 23 meeting after an attachment was inadvertently left off the agenda. Ruffin’s motion to table did not pass on a 2-2 vote, with Clerk Jill McGrady and trustee John Rush dissenting.

The vote to approve the item also did not pass on a 2-2 vote, with Ruffin and Parrell dissenting. The Board is short one member after the Nov. 4 resignation of former member Robert “Bob” Davis.

“The moving party that lost the vote would have had to bring it back. So I’m trying to see how did this come back on the agenda if either myself or Amanda didn’t bring it back,” Ruffin said at Thursday ‘s meeting.

McGrady said the item neither passed nor failed because it was a 2-2 vote.

“We brought it back to give it one more opportunity,” McGrady said.’

Ruffin disagreed.

“It takes three votes to pass, so if it doesn’t pass, it fails,” Ruffin said.

Attorney Jay Fernow said Ruffin’s point is well-taken but added the Board has not adopted Robert’s Rules of Order as its operating procedures.

“I think the real issue is, how does this affect our schools?” McGrady said.

McGrady added as she recalled the information Ruffin wanted was included with the current agenda.

“Now that you have all the information, there would be no reason for us to say no to $125,000,” McGrady said. “This is an opportunity for you to say yes to it. So what we’re trying to do is give you an opportunity to say yes to this grant.”

Ruffin thanked McGrady and said she had no further discussion.

Ruffin pulled the agreement off the consent agenda for a separate vote. The item did not pass on a 2-2 vote, with Ruffin and Parrell again dissenting.

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Victoria Ruffin and Amanda Parrell come across as little snots, that seem to have the scorched earth attitude....truly pathetic.

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